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Service Driven Partnership.

Our Commercial Team has close to 30 years experience in commercial fleets across various aspects, we can
help you get more grunt out of your commercial fleet. You can count on our technical knowledge and expertise
along with deep industry relationships. Plus, our service driven ethos means we always go the
extra mile to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Commercial Fleet Solutions.

Cash flow friendly ways to fund your vehicles.

With our lease, you transfer the value of your fleet off your balance sheet. By converting it into an ongoing operating expense over a fixed period, you’ll also qualify for big tax deductions.

Quality Maintenance
Don't pay any more than you have to.

Firm up how you manage the maintenance and repairs of your commercial vehicles. With our managed maintenance service, you'll know your vehicles are always compliant.

Build vehicle assets with no upfront costs

Acquire the commercial vehicles you need to grow your business, and benefit from tax deductible monthly payments. Pay a set residual to own the vehicles at the end of the lease.

Types of Solutions
We’re here to help you get more grunt out of your heavy commercial fleet.
Leasing Benefits
Tap into our industry experience to get the best commercial solution for your business.
GPS & Telematics
View and monitor your commercial fleet in real time for enhanced driver safety and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of vehicles do you lease?

Trucks, trailers and materials handling equipment. We can offer finance leases on other types of plant and machinery also.

What is the length of term you will do?

Typical commercial leases are for 60 months however we can offer terms from 24 – 120 months.

What is included in your fully maintained operating lease?

All servicing and maintenance, initial and ongoing registration, COF’s and VCA checks, asset build management and reporting. What is not included is fuel, insurance, RUC’s and any damage.


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